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Must see video: Hilarious 'Bad Lip Reading' releases NFL version

If you have never seen the wonky work of Bad Lip Reading, then you are in for a treat. I’ll admit, I had never seen videos of the goofy overdubs, where audio of famous movie scenes and celebrity interviews are replaced with hilarious gobbledygook. But I’m a fan now.

The Bleacher Report on Saturday carried the recently released 2014 NFL version, and we are treated to the game’s brightest players "dumbed down," if you will, and talking to one another about, well, just about anything.

The video has gone absolutely viral, with over six million views as of today.

These are not your old-school Japanese Kung-Fu movies, where words fit the movement of the mouths about as easily as my feet fit into my husband’s size 12 sneakers. It looks like they are actually saying these inane things.

The first version, according, entitled "The NFL: A Bad Lip Reading," produced the classic "Orange Peanut" line with Adrian Peterson.

My favorites: The interview with Peyton Manning where he’s asked about the things that “gross him out,” and the line: “I meet grannies, all da time!” You’ll see.

Just click play, turn off your brain and enjoy. No better way to prime up for Super Bowl 2014.

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