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Must See Show of the Weekend: Metronomy @ The Observatory

Photo by Frazer Harrison

Who: Metronomy
Where: The Constellation Room (within The Observatory)
When: Sunday, June 15th
Tickets: BUY HERE

England seems to constantly produce fantastic bands, and with this new wave of New Wave resurgent acts, Metronomy seems to be the perfect band to waive this flag. Their synthesized-style drips in exactly the smooth pop jams that the modern music scene is craving these days. Their live show is both reserved and energized, fitting their fresh look while still providing the least amount of visual distraction to make it still about the music. At one point, they even wore the lights on their bodies in this pseudo Iron Man style glowy chest orb look.

Love Letters is their newest album, released on March 10th, and brings a solid ten tracks of Riviera grooves to the 21st century. It's surprisingly funky for a British export that sticks to guitar and synth combinations, mostly due to bassist Gbenga Adelekan's dedication to the craft and consistency from track to track. He and former Lightspeed Champion drummer Anna Prior bring a level of skill to this band that has helped elevate them to more than just a second-class British pop band. With great lyrics, a distinct signature, and a wonderful live work ethic, Metronomy definitely deserves your attention.

Luckily, they are playing in The Constellation Room, the little brother to The Observatory's major room. The smaller room will give everyone in attendance a better view, a better sound balance, and the kind of rebel freedom shows in the smaller venue provide. Buy tickets now because the show will be packed tomorrow night.

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