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Must See Show of the Week – The Sword @ The Observatory

The Sword

Who: The Sword, Castle, American Sharks

Where: The Observatory

When: Thursday, August 1st aka TONIGHT

Tickets: $18 – BUY HERE

Modern heavy metal is in a bit of an identity crisis. Too many genres are unraveling by blending in with one another, while purists yearn for the “good old days” in which bearded demigods wielded stringed axes above a circular pit of humanity.

Enter The Sword.

Don't mess with this Texas quartet, for their metal is beyond formidable. Their sense of scope, scale, and savagery is beyond compare in the modern metal landscape. With bands like Metallica, Slayer, and Black Sabbath in their twilight years, it is up to The Sword to take the steel baton and press on. They've traveled the world, played all the festivals and dingy clubs, and now they choose to melt Southern California’s collective face off with one stellar Thursday night set. Their style of “classic meets Southern” heavy metal is above and beyond just that one song you may have heard while playing Guitar Hero. These guys are the real deal and can captivate an audience with a single lick.

Joining the band are San Francisco’s witchy exports Castle and fellow Texans American Sharks. Castle brings a doom trio with a bass-playing female vocalist to the forefront, creating a thrashy ambiance to be reckoned with. American Sharks shirk the subtlety of a build-up in favor of what I can only describe as biker punk. The backbeats chug like a Harley revving up on its way to Sturgis, while the driving guitars and intense stage presence are as infectious as the rusty needle you used to get that American flag tattoo on your chest.

This show is a must-see for any metalhead in the region, so don’t sleep on tickets and buy today!

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