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Must See Show of the Week – Kill The Noise and Mat Zo @ The Hollywood Palladium

Kill The Zo Tour
Kill The Zo Tour

Who: Kill The Noise and Mat Zo
Where: The Hollywood Palladium
When: Saturday, May 17th
Tickets: SOLD OUT

The “Kill The Zo” tour is coming to Hollywood, bringing Kill The Noise and Mat Zo to the Palladium for a sold out show. Both artists represent a cross-section of inspirational and innovative music that grew from hard work and adaptation, not radio sensations and friends in high places. Both began their career as DJ’s, but grew into something more complex as time went on and influences started giving both the courage to branch out into something more personal. In 2014, you’d be hard pressed to find a better tour than these two showing exactly why those that critique EDM’s rise rarely understand the dichotomy in dedication between those that work for success and those that do not.

This show is sold out for a good reason: vision. This is a double bill of two of the more forward-thinking producers with original music that matches their vision of the world, not the vision of their bank account. Kill The Noise will be playing tracks off of his OWSLA releases “BLVCK MVGIC” and “Kill Kill Kill” while Zo is only six months removed from his debut album Damage Control, which released last November. Both have stellar remix abilities, work ethics, and ability to move a crowd, so nobody should be standing still come Saturday night. Expect to hear their collaboration “Part 1” maybe more than once that night, as well. Hit up Craigslist, Stubhub, or just stand outside and hope for the best, because this is a must see show.

Check out the interview I did with Kill The Noise earlier this month: HERE

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