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Must See Show of the Week – Keller Williams @ The Constellation Room

Keller Williams
Keller Williams

Who: Keller Williams, The Melodic

Where: The Constellation Room (within The Observatory)

When: Thursday, November 7th

Tickets: $25 – BUY HERE

Keller Williams lives the sort of double life most musicians would kill for. Put him in front of any Bonnaroo-going jamband aficionado and the stream of questions, praise, and giggles begin. Drop him in just about any other setting and others will ask who this dude with a mop and acoustic guitar is. The former group will rave about his eclectic play style, mixing and matching all genres into one danceable groove that transcends the original material almost always whenever he busts out an inspired cover tune. Others will speak about his ability to loop his own music and create a full band out of just himself and his creativity. After a single solo set, the picture should become clear: Williams is a force of nature.

He is currently on the road in support of his new live album entitled "Funk," a live output that gets to the root of being funky, but the Constellation show is Keller solo, something that allows for more spontaneity and a more varied set list. The openers The Melodic are just what the name implies, a soulful harmonizing band akin to the lighter portions of Of Monsters and Men and the group vocal aspects of Edward Sharpe. The combination of the two makes for a pleasing, if not safe musical experience. Williams is the true draw here, bridging the gap between new and old, dance and trance, giving each audience a slice of Americana and bluegrass never quite seen or heard before. Do not miss this show if the winter blues is creeping up a little too quickly for your liking.