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'Must Love Dogs: New Leash on Life' by Claire Cook release on February 10, 2014

Only 99¢ for the ebook through Valentine's Day!
Only 99¢ for the ebook through Valentine's Day!
courtesy of author

Author Claire Cook's newest book, "Must Love Dogs: New Leash on Life" will be released on February 10, 2014 at a special promotional price.

Did you love "Must Love Dogs" by best selling author Claire Cook?

Claire Cook has a special treat planned for her readers. She has waited to release her newest book, the sequel to her best selling "Must Love Dogs," until just before Valentine's Day.

"Must Love Dogs: New Leash on Life" will be available as an ebook for only 99¢ on the following sites: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iBooks. Be sure to order quickly, as this special promotion ends on Valentine's Day, which is also her birthday. It is also available as a paperback.

"New Leash on Life" is written with Cook's fabulous style -- it's both humorous and extremely touching -- a combination that Cook has perfected in her many books about women turning their lives around. In fact, Cook is a respected speaker about reinvention. She did it when she wrote her first book at age 45 and was walking on the red carpet because of the movie version of "Must Love Dogs."

Cook's own life was recently turned around. As you probably can guess, Claire Cook must love dogs, but did you know that she also loves cats?

She jumped into action when she found a stray cat under her porch. She soon realized that there were also four little kittens. They needed rescuing, and just like one of her strong protagonists, Cook did what needed to be done. All four kittens and the mama were soon happily playing in Cook's house -- safe and warm.

In "Must Love Dogs: New Leash on Life," Cook presents the joys of adopting a dog from a shelter. Her characters, like her, have generous hearts and compassionate natures. To follow Cook's updates, follow her on Facebook or Twitter. Also be sure to check out her website for information about all her books.

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