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Must Haves for Spring - Turning Heads in Hartford


Hartford fashionistas have a lot to look forward to this spring season. The end of sporadic snow, ice and rain and the coming of daring, loud spring fashion. Make a statement with these must haves: 

Boyfriend Jeans  continue to gain popularity and for good reason! They are casual, cool and very sexy. Wear them rolled past the ankles with a pair of spiked heels. 

Don't bother buying just any bag this season. Go for a Boho bag with fringe. 

Soft- frilly and pastel! The best options for a quick closet revamp is a soft violet blouse or frilly flats (Kelsi Dagger leather organza flats). Just make sure you don't over frill and accessorize with simple jewelry.  

Artful, loud prints are a runway hit from Paris to New York this spring. This style is easy to get for under $100 dollars. Stores such as Forever 21 and Dillard's have a large selection of print-tastic pieces. 

Slinky jumpsuits ooze 70s sex appeal. Not only are these pieces sexy but playful and comfortable. It's not recommended prancing around down town wearing one of these numbers with heels. Flats and simple jewelry tone the jumpsuit down. 

Knee high socks with tall boots add a fun retro twist to a plain short skirt and top. Just make sure there's at least an inch showing above your boots. The whole point of this look is to show off those sexy or fun socks.

Necklushes- think of this as the perfect spring scarf with a lot of edge. This accessory dresses up any dull outfit fast. The necklush can be worn long, doubled or as a headband.

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Boho Bag, Loud Dress, Jumpsuit


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