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Must haves for a great Super Bowl party

Whether you're a party of 2 or 102, everyone likes a good party. Some of the ideas listed for food to serve your guests are what's popular among Super Bowl parties this year. Some may be familiar, some are new ideas, others may be some that you wanted to try. In any case, here are some must haves and must dos from area grocery Martins to make your 2014 Super Bowl party special.

1. Finger foods seems to be the first must to a Super Bowl party. Consider not only meat appetizers, but non meat appetizers as well. You can choose from vegetable egg rolls, bread or mozzarella sticks, cream cheese wontons, celery, carrots, and roma or grape tomatoes. Wraps for egg rolls can now be found in the produce department of area grocery stores. Meat appetizers can be chicken, hamburger or barbecue sliders, sausage or hot dog roll-ups, boneless wings or bites, regular chicken wings, loaded potato skins and small homemade pizzas. According to Martins Grocery Store, who caters you should plan for 10-13 appetizers in all, if the appetizers are the only food that will be served, and 3-5 if they are being served before or along side a full meal.

2. For full dinners, pick a meal that everyone likes for this type of party. Chili with beef, chicken or ground turkey seems to be a good and popular choice, other possibilities are sandwiches or wraps, tacos, fried or barbecue and chicken burritos. Each entree should be 5-7 oz pp. Consider recipes that add white wine or beer, if your guest are over 21. A tip here would to use classy disposable dinnerware and silverware and to make use you serve 1-3 servings per person.

3. For party dips, popular ingredients are avocado, spinach, cheese, and black beans. For snacks consider homemade potato chips, which can be baked or fried as long as you use a potato slicer to make the potato slices thin and then added seasoning of your choice, popcorn and bought or homemade tortilla chips,pretzels, cereal mix, trail mix and of course nachos For sides, consider potato salad, homemade sweet potato or regular potato french fries, coleslaw, baked beans, macaroni and cheese and macaroni salad, and individual veggies. Sides should be 2-3 per person, 4 oz for veggies and 2 oz for beans or pasta.

4 For adults (21 or over ) parties, alcohol is a popular choice, but women may prefer mixers or beer in a bottle or can. Overall, mixers can be non-alcoholic and fun, as well as with alcohol. Use fruit juice and/or natural sweeteners, and mix with beer or alcohol, add a slice of lemon or orange, depending on the type of drink. If you use 2 liters sodas, consider 8 oz to be 1 serving, and 2 liter dispenses 10 servings. Overall for beverages, it should 3 per person.

5. It's not a time to skimp on desserts. Whether they are mini versions of the real thing, or not, popular ideas for desserts are lemon bars, specialty brownies, cake, mini-cheesecakes, puddings, mouse, or any combination. Consider 1 slice or 1 bar of each per person, and for puddings and mouse, 4 oz per person.

Hope your party is a success!

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