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Must Have Tips for Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

Princess Split Pave Engagement Ring $5,295
Princess Split Pave Engagement Ring $5,295

Love is in the air everywhere you look around. With the recent number of celebrity NYE engagements not to mention Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away, wedding bells are ringing a lot louder than ever before.

Some have taken to browsing engagement rings simply because of the amorous mood floating around, others are inspired to give serious thought to looking for the perfect engagement ring.

Even with love boasting many one's desire to go engagement ring shopping, many people still have no clue what to look out for besides cut, color, and carat to avoid purchasing a low quality diamond.

Thankfully has provided some dire need-to-know tips for couples when picking out the perfect ring. Here are a few tips the leading jewelry retailer suggest..

Tips for Purchasing an Engagement Ring:

  • First fall in love with the cut and stone that your wife can wear for life, and then look at the certificate.
  • Fluorescent lighting equals bad; a “Fluorescent” stone is good! It means the diamond will sparkle and shine, so the more fluorescent the stone is, the better.
  • Certificate what? Certificate who? Diamond Mansion can explain what that is as well. Pay attention to the Laboratory Certificate, it will tell you the exact quality so do some homework before shopping.
  • A larger stone doesn’t mean you get are purchasing a better diamond. Some large stones aren’t good cuts at all and that means they won’t be as brilliant. Diamond Mansion can elaborate on what “a Good cut” means.

Two top engagement ring choices from are:

Princess Split Pave Engagement Ring

Emerald Cut 3-Stone Engagement Ring

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