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Must-have runner’s remedies by Pro-Tec Athletics

The Stretch Band with Grip Loop Technology retails for $24.95 and is available in a Pink/Grey combo as well as a Blue/Grey combination.
The Stretch Band with Grip Loop Technology retails for $24.95 and is available in a Pink/Grey combo as well as a Blue/Grey combination.
Pro-Tec Athletics

Go faster, stronger and longer with the must-have and game-changing runner’s remedies by Pro-Tec Athletics.

As you hit the ground running this New Year, make sure to do it in a smart and supportive way by treating your body to the preventative and recovery steps needed to achieve the ultimate in performance. With this in mind, it’s time to meet your new running companion: Pro-Tec Athletics, the brand behind easy-to-use yet ultra-effective orthopedic supports and injury innovations. Pro-Tec Athletics’ products range from highly specialized aids to everyday essentials for runners and fitness enthusiasts alike to condition the body and recover rapidly and effortlessly.

Here are three top-picks by Pro-Tec Athletics that are must-have runner’s remedies and feel-good tools:

Plantar fasciitis fix…
Soft Splint for Plantar Fasciitis ($37.95)
- this feel-good fitness aid combines the power of compression with the benefits of a traditional night splint to provide runners with a dual-defense against plantar fasciitis pain. Pro-Tec Athletics’ newest innovation is an effective and easy-to-use soft splint attached to a ventilated compression sock and adjustable straps for the ultimate in comfort and convenience in fighting and fixing that dreaded heel pain. No need to stop and stretch against a wall, simply slide foot into the compression sock until it rests on top of the angled insole and tighten the top strap. Next, bend your toes towards your knee (performing the desired dorsiflexion stretch) and tighten the side straps to keep in place. This soft splint is a stress-free way to achieve an optimal stretch — helping to reduce tightness and alleviate the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia. Plus, you can relax as you wear the soft splint — lay down or sit with your foot elevated and enjoy watching TV, work on your computer, e-read on your tablet or simply sleep. In putting Pro-Tec’s Soft Splint for Plantar Fasciitis to the test, I found relief and more flexibility surrounding my calf, Achilles tendon and arch after every use. At first, it seemed to be a bit tricky to slip- and strap-on but I immediately got the hang of it and was able to customize my stretch and increase my flexibility after every use. The Soft Splint for Plantar Fasciitis is easy-to-use, effective, pain-free and a fabulous fix to achieve a smooth, stable and serious stretch. It’s not only a great tool in achieving a quick and easy stretch throughout the day but because the splint is soft and plush, you can comfortably sleep with the splint on to awaken with less heel pain and with more ease of movement. The Soft Splint for Plantar Fasciitis retails for $37.95 and is available in Small, Medium and Large based on shoe size.

Stand-out stretching aid…
Stretch Band with Grip Loop Technology ($24.95)
- this simple but super-performing stretch band is an absolute essential to perform static and dynamic stretches smoothly and thoroughly. Pro-Tec’s Stretch Band with Grip Loop technology is an advanced high resistance elastic band that works spectacularly for static stretches that you hold in place as well as dynamic stretches that require movement. So what makes the Pro-Tec’s Stretch Band with Grip Loop technology stand-out from other standard stretch bands? 1) this Stretch Band is made of a highly durable and flexible yet firm fabric that feels comfortable and allows for both static and dynamic stretching, 2) the Stretch Band features Grip Loop Technology featuring 10 grip loops and easy-to-hold hand grips to give you full-control and comfort to maneuver the band liberally and perform the stretches needed for targeted body parts, 3) the Stretch Band features rubberized stitching that’s integrated into the fabric to offer a secure, sturdy and convenient non-slip stretch, 4) the Stretch Band is compact and portable, making it easy to take with you even while traveling, and 5) the Stretch Band is very easy to care for and clean — simply rinse in warm water and let air dry after use. I tried and tested this Stretch Band with Grip Loop technology and loved it so much that it has now become a part of my everyday conditioning regimen to help me stretch thoroughly and stress-free. To begin with, I have found that this Stretch Band offers a customized and secure fit no matter what your height. The Grip Loop Technology is genius— since I am petite, I can simply grab a hold of the grip loops instead of the hand grips to achieve a closer and thorough stretch when doing leg raises to stretch my calves and Achilles tendons. Also, because the band is flexible with rubberized stitching, I feel secure performing a variety of dynamic stretches since the rubber gripping keeps the band steady and in place while the stretchy fabric allows me to perform my moves. The Stretch Band with Grip Loop Technology is a crucial aid to keep close by pre- and post- exercise since it is great in preparing joints and muscles as well as helping in recovery. The Stretch Band with Grip Loop Technology retails for $24.95 and is available in a darling Pink/Grey combo as well as a bold Blue/Grey combination.

Relieving rolling stick…
Roller Massager ($29.95)
- this crucial tool is a cure-all for reducing muscle tension, soreness and pain with precision and ease. Pro-Tec’s Roller Massager is a massaging stick featuring smooth but firmly raised Vynafoam sections that "sink" into the soft tissue to target and treat the pain as you roll out knots, tightness and tenderness — and increase blood flow and circulation. What’s more, this Roller Massager features easy-to-grip rounded ends that are tacky which make it effortless to control and roll with full precision and complete comfort. Pro-Tec’s Roller Massager provides a precise trigger point release (Myofascial release) that treats and stimulates the soft tissue, helping to loosen knots and relieve muscle and joint pain as you self-massage the stick through your troubled areas. By regularly using the Roller Massager, you can benefit from reducing tightness after a run or working out, treat and target troubled areas such as shin splints which hinder many runners, and improve strength and flexibility so you can stride effortlessly and more efficiently. In reviewing the Roller Massager, I found it to be an indispensable tool to work out the tightness in my legs and back. What I really love about the Roller Massager is that it features Vynafoam sections that are firm but gentle on the skin, unlike other massaging sticks that have hard, plastic sections that can pinch and even cause pain, this Roller Massager glides on smoothly while getting the job done. I also really appreciate the tacky and easy-to-grip handles that comfortably and securely let me wrap my hands around each end as I self-massage my legs. Of course, as with any tender or painful part of the body, the Roller Massager felt a bit uncomfortable at first but once I rolled out the tightness the target area felt more at ease and less sore. Plus, Pro-Tec’s Massage Roller is portable for on-the-go relief and comes complete with a handy and informative brochure guide that provides a variety of massage and trigger point release techniques for the entire body so that you can get the most out of this wonder-stick as well as increase flexibility and strength for peak-performance. Pro-Tec’s Roller Massager retails for $29.95.

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