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Must-have accessories for your new holiday console


For those of you who recieved or gave a new console this year as a holiday gift, take note to make sure you aren't missing something. Just the console by itself is great, but sometimes it can be like giving a toy without batteries. Here are a few accessories to pick up along with your console to make for a complete gaming experience:

Xbox 360

  • Xbox Live subscription card - Xbox Live allows you to connect to friends, download game demos, rent movies, purchase music, and a wire assortment of other great uses. Month to month service is sold via the Xbox dashboard, but it is much cheaper to buy a full year in advance. A MUST for any 360 owner.
  • WiFi adapter - If your recipient runs off a wireless connection at home, they are practically dead in the water without a WiFi adapter to connect to Xbox Live. The new 'N-Network' adapter was just released and gives amazing speeds online, but is fruitless unless they have an 'N Router'. Stick with the standard 'G Network' adapter.
  • Wireless controller - No more tangled wires and accidents involving tripping, crashing, and crying over broken equipment. Make sure to purcahse an additional rechargable battery as well for non-stop action.

Playstation 3

  • Bluetooth headset - No online multiplayer match is complete without communication. Enter the bluetooth headset with adjustable volume control, regargable battery, and most important - it's wireless.
  • BluRay remote - One of the main selling points if the Playstation 3 is its built in BluRay player. For gamers who also enjoy high definition cinema, the wireless remote allows for complete control over your movies. 
  • Playstation Network card - download games, movies, and more via Sony's online store.


  • Extra Wii remote and nunchuk - The Wii is a multi-player console. So get in the action with a friend by picking up another controller set.
  • Wii MotionPlus - Attach this little number to the bottom of your Wiimote to add true 1:1 movement. For extremely precise aiming, this is the solution.
  • Wii points card - Access the Wii's shopping channel and go crazy with classic game downloads and more.

These aren't nearly all the accessories available for each console, but are certainly some of the best. Check out your local game store for even more ideas to add to your new gaming experience!