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Must eat broccoli

Sugary snacks act like addictive element.
Sugary snacks act like addictive element.
(Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Sugar Boese)

Ever crave something out of the blue? It is your body talking to you.

Cravings come from deficiencies in your system. Your unconscious mind communicates a way to solve the problem by linking it to a food that you can eat. So when you crave a food, it is the vitamins and minerals that that particular food provides that you are actually craving.

The situation is a little different when you crave sugary snacks. Although a craving for sugar could be satisfied through fruits, it could also be a chemical imbalance through the regular consumption of sugary snacks.

Processed sugars act like an addictive element that causes you to crave more and more. That is why it can be hard to eat sugary foods in moderation. People who want to cut back from sugary snacks do best to cut out sugary foods all together.


  • Sami 5 years ago

    "Broccoli" is spelled with two "c's" - you might want to try spell checking your article before you publish next time.

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