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Must-Do Checklist For Valentine's Day Resume Writing

Saint Valentine's designed the holiday for lovers, family and also job seekers. Or didn't you know that on this faint of holidays, it's time for the love and passion within your professional self to flow over to attract hiring managers, human resource departments and most importantly draw applicant tracking systems your way as your present your skills in your professional documents, including on your social media sites, LinkedIn profiles, one page web presence, on twitter, on face book and most importantly, on your resume.. And job seekers let's share our must do checklist of things to gather before your Valentine's Day Resume Writing Session:

  • 3 to 5 job announcements that reflect your idea job. Be sure that all jobs are in one related industry.
  • 5 to 10 Success Stories. Write out your success stories from your professional career. Include your challenge, actions taken, and results of tasks completed, projects developed, teams formed, revenue gains, and other successes.
  • List your special projects, task forces and committees to include that are important to your current career goals.
  • List your extensive educational training and numerous credentials/certifications.
  • List technical qualifications that are relevant to your profession.
  • Seek out key words within your profession by checking with the occupational outlook handbook and onet. Also go to and place these documents in wordle to receive a scramble of keywords.
  • List your professional honors, awards, and commendations.
  • Professional email address (yahoo, hotmail, Gmail or other), customized url from your LinkedIn, personalized website and online portfolios.
  • Note 3 to 4 professional references. Preferably people who can attest to your achievements, accomplishments and passion for the profession.
  • Keep your dictionary handy or go to an online version.

Once you have researched your jobs or professions of interest and noted all of your identifiable skills, you are ready to write your resume. This Valentine's Day, you are encouraged to think and focus on careers and jobs that fuel your passion. You have a choice in determining your career and jobs of choice. Take time to focus and your professional documents will communicate your consistent brand. This Valentine's Day, you are encourage to promote your professional self with a consistent brand and a resume full of your valuable skills. accomplishments and achievements!

Have I left out any pertinent items that are needed for our checklist? Email us @ or share with us on FB @ and let us know what you think! Be sure to check out the video, Top Five Changes To Make To Your Resume.

And if you need help communicating your best, let us write it for you. Connect with us on Linkedin @ or via my website @

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