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Must-Do Activities on Santorini

Yoga on a Greek Church
Yoga on a Greek Church
Sarah Walsh

Everyone imagines the Greek Islands to be stunning. Of course you've seen the quintessential photos in magazines - white-washed buildings tumbling into the blue Aegean Sea overlooking the caldera, but when you finally experience the magic of Santorini in person, the views will take your breath away! Drishti Yoga Teacher Training just spent a month here practicing yoga and exploring the beauty of Santorini. Here are a few must-do activities that will make the trip of a life time even more memorable.

1. Wine Tasting - There are several vineyards on the island making crisp, dry white wines from the indigenous Assyrtiko grape. Two notable places to visit are Gaia near the airport and Domaine Sigalas just outside of Oia. Both are making unique, distinctive wines sure to meet even the finest of palates.

2. Rent an ATV for all day exploring - There's no better way to cruise the island than on an ATV. For just $25-$35 Euro per day you can have the freedom of no bus schedules, expensive taxis, or organized group tours. Two days on an ATV will allow you to see the get off the tourist trail and explore all the nooks and crannies of the entire island.

3. Sunset in Oia - Considered the best sunset in all of the Mediterranean or even Europe. Get there at least an hour before sunset to park, grab a drink and find your perfect spot for watching the sun dip into the sea.

4. Boat Trip - Seeing the island from the water can be the most memorable highlight of your trip. In addition to watching the sunset from the boat, you also get to see places you may otherwise miss like the Red Beach, White Beach and thermal baths.

5. Party in Fira - At least once, plan to pull an all-nighter. Take an afternoon nap, drink lots of water, eat a late dinner and enjoy the nightlife Fira has to offer. Clubs and bars start around midnight, do not even get busy until 1-2am and go until at least 4am. Favorites are Casablanca, Tropical, Koo Club, Tango and Enigma.

6. Walk from Fira to Oia - If you have some extra time make the trek from Fira to Oia on foot. You'll get extra special views that you just can't see from the car or ATV plus earn that delicious Greek Feta cheese! Tips - Wear good walking shoes - at least sneakers, bring water, sunscreen, a hat and start early. The Mediterranean sun can be a killer, especially from 12-4pm. Time: about 2 hours.

Drishti Yoga Teacher Training hope to be here again next year. If you're looking for a transformative yoga experience all while earning your teacher training certification on the stunning island of Santorini, join us next July!

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