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Muslims For Peace and Loyalty to America

Muslims for Peace sign on a New York City buses
Muslims for Peace signs on a New York City bus 

Earlier this month, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community launched a 'Muslims for Peace' campaign. This campaign will consist of displaying 'Muslims for Peace' on 100 New York City buses. This campaign is later to be extended to other US cities. 

Members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (or Muslims who believe in the Messiah) practice a tolerant, non-violent, pacifist ideology. 

Kindly see this interview on Fox And Friends regarding 'Muslims for Peace' campaign. Here is a radio interview. This Op-Ed was published on Fox News. Here is a Michael Goodwin piece about Ahmadiyya Muslim taking the right stand. There is also a Washington Post piece on Pro-American Muslims

For more info: The official website of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is


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