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Muslim policeman shoots service dog

In regard to a police officer who shot a service dog, Pam Geller's blog brings out three Muslim edicts:

  1. Gabriel, an angel "promised the Prophet (that he would visit him, but Gabriel did not come)" because "We, angels, do not enter a house which contains a picture or a dog." Sahih Bukhari 4.54.50
  2. “Abdullah (b. Umar) (Allah be pleased with them) reported: Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) ordered the killing of dogs and we would send (men) in Medina and its corners and we did not spare any dog that we did not kill, so much so that we killed the dog that accompanied the wet she-camel belonging to the people of the desert.” — Sahih Muslim 3811
  3. “Ibn Mughaffal reported: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) ordered killing of the dogs, and then said: What about them, i. e. about other dogs? and then granted concession (to keep) the dog for hunting and the dog for (the security) of the herd, and said: When the dog licks the utensil, wash it seven times, and rub it with earth the eighth time.” — Sahih Muslim 551

It seems police officer Tarek Hassani is one Muslim who has no problem in kicking and then killing a dog that annoys him.

Earlier this month, Hassani responded to a call that two dogs were running around loose in a Filer, Idaho, neighborhood. After exiting his patrol car, he had, within the minute, killed a 7-year old black labrador named "Hooch," valuable not only as a pet but as a trained service dog.

Hassani is quoted as saying to another officer,

“I get out to talk to the people, two dogs come around me, one of them's growling and snarling. I kick it. It comes back around, now it's growling and snarling. I kick it again. Then it lunges at me, I'm like, f*** you. So, I just shot it.”

“Hooch” belonged to Rick Clubb, a man who suffers from Parkinson's disease At the time of the shooting, many children were around as Clubb was hosting his 9-year-old son's birthday party. As if killing the dog wasn't enough, Hassani also gave Clubb a $100 citation for letting the dog run loose.

There is now uproar over the impatience Tarek Hassani showed in handling the problem. Clubb himself acknowledged that he deserved a ticket, but not a dead dog, and claimed his dog has never been particularly aggressive. He further stated,

“We want (Hassani) fired. He had other options. He didn’t have to kill my dog.”

Police Chief Tim Reeves has explained, "My decision was that [Hassani] did a good job and he was totally justified in putting the dog down."

Mayor Rick Dunn said Hassani was placed on administrative leave.

One of the comments in response to Pam Geller's article is from "Di4dogs" and reads,

"I'm really wondering why Muslims are hired in the US when they clearly have 'beliefs' that are not within our laws. Like the cab driver that won't pick up a person with a service dog, or the cashier that refuses to ring up pork. They hate dogs, they hate women, they hate Christians and they hate Americans. We're infidels all right! We don't 'get it.' They. Hate. Us."

Aside from any other community work or fines imposed, the officer himself, not Clubb nor the taxpayers, should be made to pay for replacement of the dog. Furthermore, he needs to be educated in regard to handling or perhaps even in acceptance of dogs and empathy of dog owners in America. He also needs to learn self control in the exercise of power.

Personally, this examiner questions whether this particular Muslim man should be allowed to carry a gun, let alone be a police officer.

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