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Muskegon schools and parents debate on the 'Twilight' series



  • Amy 6 years ago

    As a woman in my late 20's, I enjoyed the light, easy reading of the Twilight series. Getting caught up in the romance of Edward and Bella was something I enjoyed. I am surprised at how young followers of this series are. My child is preschool-aged and I have no experience with tween- or teenage children, but even so, I do not believe middle school-aged kids should be reading this series. A close friend of mine has a high-school daughter and she read the book before allowing her daughter to, and crossed out several sentences, and even ripped out sections of pages and paraphrased without the sexual innuendos that were originally included in these books. True, exposure to books and the fictional world is something I encourage, but not at the cost of exposing young children to situations and subjects that are meant for the older crowd.

  • food4thought 6 years ago

    Nobody seems to care that Hollywood has essentially created sex symbols for young girls in this country. Everytime I see a trailer for the 'Twilight' movie, Pattinson and Lautner are shirtless and showing off their ripped 6 pack abs, which is totally appropriate for tween girls.

    And we wonder why our kids are "sexting".

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