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Musings of a Madman

Virgin River Canyon
Virgin River Canyon
Danny M. Vaughn, Ph.D., CMS

The alphabet consists of twenty-six letters which are merely symbols that represent utterances in sound. Our species has developed the ability to combine these symbols into words that attach meaning to our thoughts, and we express them through vocal communication. By extension, these words can also be placed into various written combinations and permutations to form sentences, which when joined in proper transition develop into a written language. What I find perplexing is how we as a world society fail to effectively communicate in a manner that enables humankind to resolve the basic problems of survival in spite of our brilliant ability to design and build. I believe even if there was a balanced distribution of natural resources available to all living organisms existing about the planet, there would always be some folks who have risen to power only to continue to dominate the weak, uneducated, sick, mentally, emotionally, and physically challenged all in the name of some grandiose plan that is conveyed in some twisted array of words designed to convince the masses that their intent is honorable and for the good and welfare of all concerned.

Language is the means by which organisms communicate – but are we really communicating or masterfully manipulating the words (in all languages) to suit self-serving goals? What really constitutes effective leadership? When do words mature to credible language? When do those who vocalize their assertions earn the respect of citizens willing to follow them? When do the words trust, honor, integrity, and honesty earn credibility in all forms of communication? When will their definitions become standardized such that acceptable parameters for the limits of their identity are achieved?