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Musings: Bring the Triple Crown home, Chrome!

The clock has finally advanced beyond midnight and it is now Belmont Stakes day, June 7, 2014. I must admit that I have horse fever. I am normally pretty nutty about beautiful, exciting horses anyway, and I am really captivated by California Chrome this year. This has become the day of reckoning for the three-year-old colt and I am both nervous for him and electrified. He carries a hefty responsibility into the race what with all the hype from the media and expectations from the world’s public.

A close up and personal glimpse of California Chrome as he prepares to take a run
Al Bello/Getty Images
Derby & Preakness winner California Chrome ridden by Willie Delgado
Rob Carr/Getty Images

To tell the truth, I am rather filled with expectation myself. He seems to have everything necessary to go the distance. The horse racing world has a new horse star in California Chrome and he has a fighting chance to get the job done. Media has gone into overdrive with this horse and, I must admit, I am hoping he is successful, everyone has a safe trip and Chrome brings home the Triple Crown. California Chrome has already showed us that he is a gifted runner and, to my way of thinking, he’s going to use his power and dependable speed to go all the way. Chrome will bring home the prize, he’ll do it safely, and he will give us an awesome victory..

To be sure, California Chrome has a target on his handsome back. His fans and knowledgeable horse bettors have made him their favorite. He looks like the horse to beat.

Many of his competitors realize that Chrome is the one to beat. Hopefully everyone plays fair and safely. They have an advantage anyway – the horses are rested, have saved their energies and will come into the Belmont refreshed and raring to go, whereas Chrome has raced and has not been able to relax and restore. But he has trained for this. The eleven horses that won the Triple Crown before him got the job done and so will Chrome. The Triple Crown elite winners were amazing horses and have become household names.

If racing luck holds and Chrome is able to use his stamina and substantial talent, he will become the 12th horse to bring home the Triple Crown.

There is no doubt that Chrome has become the public’s horse sweetheart. Many see him for power, racing glory and dollar signs while others – and I’m including myself in this group – simply want the gifted colt to make history.

We all can agree that this seems to be California Chrome’s year. We share our vision of another fabulous horse on the Triple Crown roster.

Have a safe trip everyone in the Belmont Stakes but make way for California Chrome – he is following on the heels of great hooves.

Bring it home, Chrome!

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