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Musician Si Astbury joins forces with Soundblitz Records (Photos)

On March 9, 2014, it was announced that singer-songwriter Si Astbury released new song "Hope" and has joined forces with Soundblitz Records.

"Hope" by Si Astbury
"Hope" by Si Astbury
Music Fest
Music Fest, Image: Courtesy

"Hope" was originally released March 7. It is with Glencoe Event Management, and it is on rotation at West Leeds Radio.

"We are also going to be played on American Radio Station 'Rocks Medicine Show.' Our Song 'Hope' was heard on Live 365. 'Hope' is also an online shuffle/random music on Live 365 Internet Radio on 'Dr. Rock's Medicine Show Live 365!' All Proceeds of the song will go to charities." - Si Astbury

One can donate to Ataxia. Astbury asks that all please donate to the cause by downloading their latest track charity song 'Hope' by Si Astbury, with Evan Hendry. To donate go to Soundblitz Records.

The youngest of this Astbury-Hendry duo is Evan Hendry. Hendry, 14, and who resides in Swadlincote, England, has loved "all things" music since he was very young.

In addition to being a singer-songwriter, Si Astbury is also a TV host. He resides in Burton on Trent where he presents talent on Burton TV News' "In The Spotlight."

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Enjoy above video on "Charity Single Released for Farleigh Hospice."

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