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Musician Jessica Campbell chats about III, new album releasing in October

Jessica Campbell gears up for her third album release, with III
Jessica Campbell gears up for her third album release, with III
Fairlight Hubbard

Singer and songwriter, Jessica Campbell, sings about life at it's worst and life at it's best. She's an equal opportunistic person in life and in her music, and she weaves a story so convincing, that her words and songs will leave you yearning for more of Campbell's enthusiasm for the joy of life. Jessica is gearing up for her upcoming third album, aptly titled III, and referencing the album title at it's core, she says “It’s a reference to my own life.You either embrace where you’re at in life, or you put up a facade. I wanted this album to be more poppy and upbeat, but I also didn’t want to hide my age or my wedding ring. I think there’s something compelling about music made from that kind of honest place.” We couldn't agree more, and are excited for Jessica's release on October 2 via Little London Records. Jessica chatted with us about the positive and negative in the music industry, how she gets warmed up for a show, her dream collaboration and more. Find out more about Jessica:

What about the music industry encourages you, and is there anything about the industry that sometimes discourages you?

Jessica: The music industry is a tough business. I love the fact that creativity lends not only to the song and performance, but also in how income is made. We all "wear many different hats" in this business which makes each day different and fun. It definitely has its challenges from needing to have income flexibility to battling with the middle men/decision makers to fighting the vast amount of artists booking shows. It's tough, but if you keep a good attitude it can be really fun and rewarding.

Why did you decide to have this album more upbeat, and with a "sunny side of life" feeling?

Jessica: That's where I am in life right now. Also, I feel like the music reflects my personality and I try to stay positive. Of course there are songs that explore heart break and sadness, but the overall vibe is hopeful.

Is there anyone in your family that has shaped your musical upbringing?

Jessica: I'm the only one who has explored their musical gifts in my family. My Mom played a bit of the piano when she was young, I don't recall her playing at our house. When I was a little girl my farmer/contractor Dad acted as my "vocal coach" giving me notes & critiques off his untrained ear.

How do you get yourself pumped before a show, or do you need to?

Jessica: I don't have a specific routine, other than drinking lots of water. Repeat after me: Boring!! :) I do my best to be confident about the set list, vocally warmed up, and try to know a little about my audience before stepping on stage. I also get extra excited when I'm performing new songs!

Who is the ultimate musician you would love to collaborate and/or perform with?

Jessica: Bono. He is so inspiring and has an infectious attitude and way about him… especially on the stage! I also love his perspective on bringing light to the dark parts of the world and sharing hope to the underprivileged.



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