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Musician filmmakers discuss influence, artistic magic, and lifestyle

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Here, in part three of the interview, ahead of their April 11 release of the Go with Le Flo film, Robyn Rosenkrantz and Michael Glover discuss what inspires.

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W.E. Who/what are some of your main influences and inspirations?

R.R. In 1990, we quit our L.A. jobs, sold everything we had (except our guitars) and bought one-way tickets to Europe. Our dream was to travel and play music, to discover ourselves and meet interesting people in other cultures. All the artists and beautiful supportive people we've met on the road have inspired my art. All the adventures have shaped our films and songs. We hardly watched TV all those years, or listened to the radio, since we toured by train, bus, tram, walked, rode bicycles, so we weren't exposed to what was popular. But we got to play with great local bands and toured with our other artist friends. They've all been an inspiration to me!

M.G. Cinematically, my deepest influences are Ernst Lubitsch, Billy Wilder, John Huston, John Ford, Howard Hawks, Preston Sturges, Frank Capra, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton. There are plenty of wonderful current directors too but I think these pioneers made the deepest impression on me. Musically, I think also I've been moved the most by the originators like Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, Hoagie Carmichael, Irving Berlin. But, to me, a great song is a great song, no matter what era or style. Whenever a song has that special something, that magic in it, count me as a fan.

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