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Music in your infant's life

Research shows that music has multiple benefits for infants. Moms know that lullabies come in handy as a tool for soothing babies at bedtime. There are other benefits that are not easily seen in everyday development, but have long-term influences in your baby's development. Research links music to weight gain in premature babies. Babies who are exposed to a variety of music on a daily basis develop an ability to discriminate and remember sounds. Singing to your baby creates an opportunity for early language development.

Infants smile when music is played
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EVERYDAY BABY in Sarasota is excited to be able to offer the Kindermusik program for infants on April 26 at 2:00 p.m. Parents are invited to come and try a free preview class with your infant. The Kindermusik program has developed a new curriculum for infants from a few weeks old through several months of age. The new curriculum offers age appropriate music activities for newborns, infants, and crawlers. Participating in the music class offers parents a special opportunity to bond with your baby, and to learn new ways to communicate with your infant. Playing an instrument, dancing, and moving with your baby are all part of the activities for the new Kindermusik curriculum for infants.

Parents will also receive great information about the latest research about the benefits of music in your baby's daily life.

EVERYDAY BABY is located at 329 Gillespie in Sarasota. Parents who would like to participate are invited to call 941-953-2891. You may also log on at for information about this workshop or others that are offered by this organization.

Check out the informative video with research on the positive effects of music in your baby's everyday life.

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