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Music in the morning?

Bruce Springsteen, Ken Calvert, Bob Seger(L-R)
Bruce Springsteen, Ken Calvert, Bob Seger(L-R)
Photo obtained from Ken Calvert's page at

The options for enjoying blocks of music in your car in the mornings is quite limited. Between news, phone scams and banter about D-list celebs there really is not much room left for music on the air waves in the a.m. Thankfully, WCSX has left the long line of mildly humorous morning shows and is going against the current by playing music to masses during the early commute.

The change is surely welcomed with open arms. The news only gets you so far. With the state of the economy and many jobs being in limbo as it is, what's the point of going into work with an already sour taste in your mouth? Is it not bad enough that you head in everyday wondering if you will be returning the next, or thinking maybe today is the day they cut pay or benefits.

In this area we know all too well the state of the economy. We know what the unemployment rate is. We know about the housing crisis and the credit crunch. We understand the dismal outlook. Why not make the most of our little time alone in the morning with some R N' R? There's nothing like classic Rock N' Roll to get the day started. Not only does it take your mind off the uncertainty that lies ahead, but takes you back to a time of sweet memories.

For the past few years 94.7 WCSX has been trying to come up with a winning morning show. The most recent failure, Deminski and Doyle, went off the air in early January, and since Ken Calvert, the former afternoon DJ, has been playing mainly music in the mornings. We'll see how long this lasts. It's quite obvious the times in which we live have called for change, and right now music in the mornings is the change we need.