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Music teacher charged with child sex abuse

Anton Fomin
Anton Fomin

Today a teacher from the Malvern Music School was arrested on charges that he molested 3 students. The teacher, Anton Fomin, 44, of East Pikeland Township, is accused of sexually abusing two six-year-old girls and a six-year-old boy during private piano lessons. Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan, explained during a press conference that” This defendant was a music teacher, trusted by parents, with unfettered access to vulnerable children. The defendant abused this position of trust to exploit innocent children.”

A criminal complaint was filed by the Malvern Police Department on June 4th, after investigating a complaint after a parent of a 6-year-old girl told police the teacher had touched her inappropriately during one-on-one piano lessons at the school. After that report was made two other 6 year old students and reported similar abuse. The victims told investigators that Fomin exposed himself during private piano lessons and also showed them pictures of nude children and adults on his computer. Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan urged parents to talk to their children who were Fomin’s students to help seek out any other victims. Michael Noone with the Chester County District Attorney’s Office also stated that “We have three six-year-old children, both male and female, who have reported sexual contact by this defendant including touching of the children and exposing of the defendant to the children and also exposing to the children various pictures and images on the defendant’s computer”

After the complaints were filed, police obtained search warrants for Fomin’s property where they found and confiscated his personal computer which allegedly had images of nude children and adults, including himself. The photos found were like those the children interviewed had described. As Chester County District Attorney said, “Sexual predators try to put themselves into a position where they have access to children. This defendant was a music teacher, trusted by parents, with unfettered access to vulnerable children.”

Fomin, 44, worked at the school for about four years and has been fired following the investigation. Officials said Fomin, who is originally from Russia, also taught private lessons in his home. Fomin is facing 15 charges including multiple counts of attempted aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault and corruption of minors. Fomin’s bail was set at $300,000