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Music Row at the crossroads

Music Row
Music Row

Change is usually resisted and heritage is usually ignored when change is involved. You want to remain current and vibrant to remain relevant, but at what cost? At the cost of what made you the Music City or at the cost of someone offering you a bag of money?

Music Row is at such a crossroad currently. Vacant or out of date buildings being demolished for hotels, retail and condominiums. Record Labels have either moved to Downtown Nashville (Universal Music) or a considering moving off the row (SONY). There comes a time whether you want to stay true to your roots, passion, soul and gravitas or just become another city is in constant development just for the sake of being under development.

People have been visiting Nashville to see where the magic comes from and where history came from. Though they expect to drive down 16th, 17th or 18 Avenues to see a 'star,' they might think they are in Columbus, Ohio if they see shiny hotels and condos.

Right now RCA Studio A is under the gun. The developer whom purchased the building claims not knowing of the studio in the building. Are we to believe them? Though they also claim they will not close on the sale if they cannot incorporate the studio into their plans.

So Music Row has a choice to make. Reconstruct the entire region or mindfully develop will preserving the heritage that is the music industry in Nashville.