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Music Review: Philip Glass - "Visitors"

Philip Glass has created yet another masterpiece with his film score, "Visitors". This piece serves as his latest collaboration with director Godfrey Reggio, and it is nothing short of breathtaking.

As the film progresses, we meet several different people from all ages and genders. Their faces reveal so much about who they are that words seem meaningless. We never see what they are watching or what they are reacting to, but we witness the span of human emotion throughout the course of the film. Intercut with these scenes are moments of pure transcendence, as Reggio literally takes us to the moon and back to Earth again. We see an abandoned amusement park, seagulls taking flight, a weeping willow in full bloom, and shots of clouds rapidly moving past tall buildings. We see how the human body interacts with modern technology – the seemingly arbitrary ways that our hands move around computer keyboards and mouse pads.

Philip Glass' score carries us along gracefully through the entire film, conjuring up feelings that are so powerful that they may bring you on the verge of tears. From the first track onwards, you'll find that the music has a hypnotic effect that is hard to shake. By far, my two favorite tracks on the album are entitled, "The Day Room" and "Gone". That being said, the entire album is an amazing work of art. This is a play through. Start from the beginning and work towards the end, without interruption.

It's a religious experience.

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