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Music in our schools month begins today



  • nadine 6 years ago

    Great article John. So true

  • mo 6 years ago

    I have always felt like the arts were not as important in schools as the athletics programs. Music and the appreciation of music is something that always remains with you while athletics, while important, generally leave young people with injuries they have to deal with for a life time. I am always pleased when children are exposed to music and shown the different styles and how they actually interwine with each other since they all come from the same musical scale, just arranged int different order. How sad it would be if the students were too loose being exposed to mucic.

  • tiaJosie 6 years ago

    Keep the music in the schools. If children do not learn the basics - Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, there is no need for the other extra subjects. Without the basics, they will not be able to successfully complete the above and beyond subjects. Sports are a good physical activity, but in larger schools limited to only a few. Music helps develop the mind and is accessible to all students.

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