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Music news for Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers and Julio Iglesias (Video)

Kenny Rogers recently posted in February that while "you can't make old friends" you can make new ones, with the singer amassing at least one million Facebook fans this year to prove it. One of those fans is becoming a music legend in his own right, and on Feb. 24, 2014, Kenny congratulated Eric Paslay on Facebook about his recent number one song.

Kenny Rogers gives Dolly Parton a cheek kiss after they perform "You Can't Make Old Friends".
Kenny Rogers/YouTube

Eric, a big congratulations on your #1 song, Top 5 album debut, and on all of your success!"

Rogers, 75, can afford to be generous to rising new musical stars because he has enjoyed an extensive successful career himself, often times spent in the spotlight with one of his oldest singing partners, Dolly Parton, who he says is his best friend in the business. Their most recent collaboration "You Can't Make Old Friends" is touching and will hit home with their fans, which is why Dolly put it on her new album "Blue Smoke".

According to a Feb. 24 report from Taste of County, Parton's album will be available to fans on May 13. And Dolly, 68, says it will capture "all of the colors of my life" because it will have songs representing all the different types of music she has been privileged to create over her own successful and extensive career. But don't look for her and Kenny's first successful duet "Islands in the Stream" to be on it.

And her famous 1995 duet with Julio Iglesias will not be featured either. But it should be, since both his and her fans would have loved an updated version of the pair's "When You Tell Me That You Love Me," number heard in this music video.

But not to worry Julio Iglesias fans, as Fox News Latino reported on Feb. 23 that Julio is still making music of his own, and his recent Miami concert was as big a hit as ever, earning him several standing ovations. So take that Mrs. Parton.

Iglesias' sold-out American Airlines arena event is but one stop on this Latin lover's world tour, so there are still many opportunities to hear him sing in person, even if he will not be doing it with the country music queen.

And if you loved the Julio and Diana Ross duet years ago, you might want to revisit this music video of Ross and Julio performing "All of You" together. And for the latest on Ross and other music celebrities, be sure to check out the Atlanta Pop Culture Examiner's most recent article on the Motown favorite by subscribing to this pop column on the Examiner.

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