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Music News: Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger and Paul Simon

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 29: Musician Bob Dylan (R) is presented with a Presidential Medal of Freedom by U.S. President Barack Obama (L) during an East Room event May 29, 2012 at the White House in Washington, DC. The Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest ci
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

One of the greatest songs of all time is about to go into auction this summer. Well at least the lyrics anyway.

Sotheby’s recently announced they are offering the working draft of Bob Dylan’s 1965 hit “Like a Rolling Stone”, for an estimate ranging from $1 million to $2 million. The draft was written in pencil on four stationery sheets from a Washington D.C. hotel. It also includes revisions, additions, notes, and doodles of a hat, bird, and animal with antlers. And according to Sotheby’s, it is also the only surviving draft of final lyrics to this hit song, which would go on to be a rock anthem. The seller of the draft is a longtime fan from California, who had bought directly from Dylan, and is not identified,

The draft sale follows a similar one from 2010, where handwritten lyrics for the Beatles’ 1967 single “A Day in the Life” sold for $1.2 million.

In other music news, a five-day festival honoring the late folk legend Pete Seeger is set to take place on July 17-21 in New York City and the Hudson Valley region. It is expected to feature music, film and remembrances, celebrating the life of the singer and late wife Toshi Seeger. The Seeger fest will also include a memorial service at the Bardavon Opera House in Poughkeepsie, as well as concerts in Manhattan’s Central Park, with musicians including Steve Earle and DJ Kool Herc. Pete Seeger died this January at the age of 94.

Meanwhile, there was a police report showing a 911 call made by Paul Simon, leading to the weekend arrests of him and wife Edie Brickell. The report indicated that Simon had suffered a superficial cut to the ear, was slapped by Brickell, who told officers he had sone something to “break her heart”, and smelled of alcohol with a bruise on her wrist.

While no protective order was issued, Simon and Brickell are charged with disorderly conduct, and are due back in court on May 16th.

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