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Music legend Morrissey says eating meat is no better than pedophilia

Long-time vegetarian Morrissey likens eating meat to pedophelia.
Photo by Chris Jackson

Music legend Morrissey has been speaking out against meat-eating again and this time he's making some pretty bold statements. On January 5, the New York Daily News reported that Morrissey's latest comments liken eating meat to pedophilia.

Morrissey's shocking statements were made during an online conversation between himself and fans. He was asked why he decided to stop eating meat, the singer's response was, "I see no difference between eating animals and pedophilia." He went on to tell his fans that both meat-eating and pedophilia amounted to "rape, violence and murder."

This conversation went down on Morrissey's fan site during a recent question and answer session. He also recently likened eating meat to Auschwitz.

It is no secret that the former Smiths member is a die hard vegetarian. He is also deeply involved in the animal rights movement. His most recent comments though, seem to be a bit over the top. He even has gone so far as to say that if he meets a non-vegetarian in public, he will turn and walk the other way. He just wants no part of the meat-eating crowd.

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