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Music industry entrepreneur releases single to inspire women in self-discovery

Entrepreneurs are risk takers by nature and building an independent record label means taking a leap of faith and baring your soul in order to attract fans.

Cheryl Reid, founder and CEO of Lotus Records, is proud she took the leap in performing her dance tune Move Your Sexy Body.

"So many songs are about lost love and betrayal. I appreciate that style but I don't always want to feel like I'm going to cry or go knock on someone's door." Cheryl laughed and countered with her view. "I believe we need more tunes that are lighter, sexy, and let people dance the night away and put away those negative thoughts when the song is playing," she told me.

Her recording is proof she takes the advice she gives to new artists she scouts for her independent label with distribution through Universal Music Group: be serious about your career and create with passion.

Move Your Sexy Body was written and produced by Wirlie Morris and was inspired by Cheryl's questions on handling her femininity in her personal life and in the workplace.

"I started taking pole dancing classes and it released a lot of stress and brought out the erotic feelings in me. As women grow older, we set aside those feelings and think other things are more important than ourselves.

"Taking the classes showed me what sexy is about and that's being yourself and full of confidence and sex not being a chore."

"A lot of women put on the male hat in the business world and by the time you get home, you've lost a sense of being feminine."

Cheryl's personal confidence is an attitude she wants to pass along to new artists with raw talent who are willing to work hard. "You may be discouraged if others say you don't have what it takes for a musical career, but it only takes one person to believe in you."

Music industry success means having a good product combined with effective promotion to build a fan base. An artist can't sit still and wait for others to put out the effort. They have to move. In Cheryl Reid's world, one can work hard and still be sexy.

Visit Lotus Records' website for more news on Cheryl's release.

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