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Music Industry attempts to stop piracy for new music

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Album sales have been declining since the digital age took over. According to, “there were only 3.97 million albums sold” last week, in the US. Meaning that sales are at an all-time low. Some may say this is due to music piracy.

Well, the music industry is trying to get a hold on pirating music by coming up with a universal release date for new music across the globe.

A lot of people don’t know that there are different release dates for different territories across the globe. So if one territory releases a new single or a new album on a certain day of the week, it allows the buyer, who purchased the release first, to share it with other territories.

The music industry can’t track all pirated music, which hurts album and single sales, but the new concern is illegal file sharing around the world. This seems like the new version of music piracy.

In February 2014, released an article, “Anti-piracy app launched by music industry”. This app was created to educate the music buyer, particularly the young buyers, to empathize with musicians by educating them on the effects of music piracy.

There hasn't been any updates on how this app has helped with stopping music piracy since many feel that music or any form of entertainment is what it is...Entertainment.

There also hasn't been any updates on whether the industry can pull off the global release dates because it may include other changes that may affect the structure and practices that are already in place. According to, "The new global release date is supposedly kicking off next July".

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