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Music for the sake of charity

The bass will be bumping and it will bump for the sake of the children.

On April 10 at 8pm Devin Capretta, along with the help of some fellow musicians willing to Disc-Jockey(DJ) for free, was able to create "Beats for Tots". And instead of a monetary cover, the venue will accept donations of school supplies or toys for the Forever Young Learning Center in Lindenwold, New Jersey.

The event will be held at the nightclub EVR (Ever), 54 West 39 St., New York.

"The event came about when I was interested in how the EDM [electronic dance music] community can make a difference for the better," Capretta states. "I reached out to a few friends and Mandi Noll gave me the amazing chance to help out at the learning center she works in."

And that was all that was needed to put plans into action.

Capretta is part of a Facebook group called "East Coast Rave Community" based in, well that's hard to say. It is an online Facebook group consisting of itleast 3,600 members who share stories of their concert experiences, among other music related topics. Members of the group include places as far south as Maryland and as far north as Connecticut.

Jaspreet Narang, or Jesse as he likes to be referred to as, created ECRC after attending a festival in New York City in 2013. After that, word about the group had quickly spread among the scene. He hopes more events like Beats for Tots, will be held in the future.

"We have hosted events at locations in NYC and Jersey but this is something that we all wanted to do and I am happy to see that it's finally happening," Narang states.

Mark Martinez, aka Subset, will be providing music for the night. Joey Irv, Nick Migliaccio and Robbie Santucci,who make up T4R4NTISM and DeeCee will also be DJ'ing the event.

"I reached out to this community (ECRC) and asked for help with the group and everyone came through and multiple people play vital roles in the hopeful success of the event," Capretta states. "I really believe the power of music can make a difference in people's lives and I am really excited to see this event come to life and see firsthand how we are able to make a difference in the community."

The musicians are glad to be a part of the whole experience as well.

"I'm glad to be a part of an event with a charitable goal," states Martinez aka Subset. "I was born in New Jersey and not far from this daycare...It means a lot to be able to give back to the local community.

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