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Music for Autism presents Mostly Disney on Sunday, July 13, 2014

Music for Autism and The Help Group present Mostly Disney
Music for Autism and The Help Group present Mostly Disney

The award winning program Music for Autism holds live performances in an understanding setting for families including individuals with autism. Similar to the Sensory Friendly Films program from AMC and the Autism Society, audience members are free to move around, make noise and participate in an interactive segment. Music for Autism started in the UK and now holds performances in several cities in the US.The concerts feature professional performers, artists and musicians. Here in Los Angeles, Music for Autism has partnered with The Help Group.

On Sunday, July 13, 2014 Music for Autism will present Mostly Disney, featuring musical renditions of many classic Disney hits. There will also be an interactive percussion session during the concert. All Music for Autism concerts are free of charge, but you must RSVP here. The concert is at 1 pm at the Help Group Autism Center Theater at 13164 Burbank Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, CA.You can also RSVP by calling 877-863-7473 extension 1. Mostly Disney features Mitch Kaplan, Dianne Fraser, Joanne O'Brien and Denise Fraser.

A recent news story featured a family from La Puente who was asked to leave a showing of the film "The Fault in Our Stars" because of the behavior of their ten year old child with special needs. Ironically, the screening was at an AMC theater that participates in the Sensory Friendly Films program but the incident was not at one of the program's screenings. I have to wonder if the movie was an appropriate choice for a ten year old, but the family claims the child was only laughing and not being disruptive. The theater manager gave the family free passes to return another time.