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Music concert picks for this week's weekdays in Chicago.

G. Love and the Special SauceIG Love and Special Sauce. 

Monday, January 11th, Chris Koza @ The Empty Bottle, 9:30 pm

Chris Koza is a young indie/folk rock artist from Minneapolis that has already released 3 full length albums and an EP. He plays a free flowing and dulcet form of acoustic-led folk music. He has distinct and deep lyrics. He likes to make use of strings and eclectic synth sounds much and while his sound is highly accessible he always finds a way to make the beat just slightly uncommon, and there in lies one of his greatest assets. If you are a fan of Jackson Browne or think you would appreciate a contemporary-folky version of Paul Simon, then Chris Koza might be right up your alley. Catch him on the 11th performing at the Empty Bottle with Nathan Xander and Justin Petertil's Orchestra.  

Tuesday, January 12th, Nicholas Barron @ Schubas, 8pm.

Nicholas Barron is a singer/songwriter from Chicago who plays a personal brand of acoustic-blues-folk. He has a soulful and at time wispy voice which really can communicate emotion quite well. You might have heard his eloquent version of "Hallelujah." Nicholas is a very experienced and respected musician, and in his lifetime has opened for such acts as Al Green, BB King, and Johnny Cash. His style of music is something like a mix between Joe Purdy and William Elliot Whitmore. So if you enjoy skillful & heartfelt acoustic music there is no where in Chicago you need to be but Schubas for Nicholas Barron at 8pm. 

Wednesday, January 13th, The Cribs @ Lincoln Hall, 9pm.

The Cribs are an English indie punk-rock group comprised of 4 musicians and have released 4 albums. They play a brand of fun-loving, toe-tapping, slightly minimalist, rock'n roll. They don't like to use reverb, but they will turn up the volume and scream a little. This band has gained lot of attention across the pond, even headlining at 2008's Leed's Festival and Reading Festival. They are well known for having boisterous and unpredictable live performances. That will probably be exactly what you need on this Wednesday the 13th, and you can have it at 9pm at Lincoln Hall. 

Thursday, Jan 14th, G. Love and Special Sauce @ House of Blues, 8pm

Incase you don't know these guys, G. Love and Special Sauce is a alt-hip hop group from Philly. The "hip hop" they make is organic, meaning band created, and leans much toward R & B and funk at times, rather than what contemporary people consider to be hip hop. They don't go for large or wide sounds, preferring to run you over with groove, style and plenty of low end. This band has been at it for a while, having formed in 1993 and have released 8 albums in that time. If you enjoy grooving to jolly and upbeat hip hop or just enjoy a live band that can frolic with raw talent then be at the House of Blues around 8 pm for G. Love and Special Sauce. 

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