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Music City's New Hot Duo Dan & Shay are touring this summer

Nashville, TN

New Country Duo Dan & Shay
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for CMT
New Country Duo Dan & Shay
2014 Dan & Shay

The hot new duo out of Nashville, Dan and Shay will be performing at 4th Street Live in Louisville, Kentucky on June 27, 2014. This place has the best concerts in the Louisville area. Are you planning on being there on Friday, June 27th to catch this hot new duo? You can order your tickets right here.

Dan & Shay just wrapped up their performances at the 2014 CMA Festival in Nashville and they are heading your way.

About Dan & Shay
Dan & Shay are the hottest new duo in town. They got together almost happenstance and they knew right away that there was a musical chemistry between them. Their super tight vocal harmonies and their in your face, we will say what we feel attitude makes them current, happening and very cool. These guys are sophisticated, articulate and super talented.

Make a Night of It
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New Single
Dan & Shay have a new single and it is called, “Show You Off.” Dan of Dan & Shay has been quoted as saying the new single has been a favorite during their live show and that, “It’s awesome driving around Nashville hearing it. It’s a great crowd participation song.”

Shay was born and raised in a place called Natural Dan, Arkansas. He started singing when he was just a little boy and fell in love with songwriting when he was teenager. He learned to play the guitar when he was 16. After spending only one year in Nashville, he has inked a deal with Warner Music Nashville. Even before he moved to Nashville, he did visit quite often. His musical influences are Dave Matthews, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney and Usher. That is probably why he has such a unique writing style. He is surely combining the influences of several genres of music to what he writes.

Dan came to Nashville from a suburban town in Pennsylvania known as Wexford. Dan started writing music when he was 12. Both Dan & Shay certainly had early starts. Dan moved to Nashville a few years ago and it’s a good thing he did or he and Shay may never have met. Dan’s influences are Tom Petty, Kenny Chesney, Alison Krauss and Bryan Adams.

Make sure you catch these guys live in the small venues because next year you will probably only be able to see them in arena like settings.

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