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Music City 1 Soft Launch Successful

MusicCity1 Launch!
MusicCity1 Launch!
Oscar Smith Photos

Over the years it has become a reality for me to truly understand that God actually has divine assignments for each one of us that no one else can do. Do you believe that ? Chap Oscar surely knows for a fact that God does not expect perfection from him! Music City 1 Greater Nashville City Guide is an all out war on mediocrity. We have embraced every culture who all have unique qualities and distinctions. We feel there is no reason why we can't live together as one family. It is impossible to create the type of interaction that we've had since our Soft Launch last week without the help of some dynamic "divine connections." Special thanks to my wife Marsha and Jerry Mercer of Mercer Creative Services who is designing the incredible banners on our site.

I've always said one of the highest compliments you can hear is when someone says to you "You're different" You already know you must be doing something very special, matchless and rare to actually hear those words would you agree? One of the great blessings in my life is the privilege of being a part of the Family. Thank you for visiting and supporting Chap Oscar knows you have entrusted him with one of your most precious resources your time. I promise to do my best to be a good Publisher and a significant Bridge Builder for all communities here in this region.