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Aretha Was Right
Aretha Was Right
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NASHVILLE, TN is the fastest-growing City Guide in the world. Founder and CEO Oscar Smith aka Chap Oscar receives emails and calls daily from visitors who are inquiring about advertising as well as our exclusive Friends Finders page. We are looking for experienced Bloggers who will moderate our wide assortments of Discussions in our Forum pages. We are in what is known as our Beta Launch. It is clear the Trust Factor is providing the solid foundation to establish credibility with local business owners already.

The transformation of mobile devices into mobile wallets represents the most important link between what our mission is for and the ultimate consumer experience. Mobile devices will radically change both online and brick-and- mortar retailers and services. According to my limited research over 75 percent of U.S. consumers are intent on using mobile devices to plan shopping and tax money sprees. So you can see why the landscape for growth has created an opening for innovation that meets this need. Our goal is to deliver value and efficiency to our visitors and registered members, that is our number one focus and we ask for your prayers and support. and by all means stop by our site and share your valued feedback!