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Music as an advertising platform

If you’re a brand looking for exposure, you may want to consider a marketing tactic with one of the highest ROI’s available in entertainment marketing – and daresay, advertising in general: Music. In its simplest form, music engages and inspires its listeners and also allows brands to target consumers by age, sex, music taste and even psychographic detail.

Top-grossing artists have the ability to reach millions of people daily. In recent years, music lyrics and music videos have become an extremely prevalent medium for product placement. When a brand becomes a part of a music video or lyrics to a song, the partnership is there forever.

Consumers cannot simply skip the advertisement and are actually more likely to trust the opinion of the artist promoting the brand in the song or video. Music and brand partnerships are here to stay and will only continue to grow and further develop into extremely strategic business models.

Music provides a soundtrack to our daily lives, and brands who successfully harness this power open the door to becoming trendsetters, driving social conversation and reaping sales profits. From rock to pop, country to rap and more, there is a genre that fits every brand.

If you’re thinking about creating a successful music partnership to help promote your product or service, there are three main things to keep in mind; your desired demographic, which will determine what music genre and artist to target; your available budget, which will allow you to hone in on appropriate artists; and the lyrics and tempo of the song to determine if it supports the brand’s messaging. Light, fun and flirty versus violent or overtly sexual make a big difference.

From Radio to TV

Taking your brand from radio airwaves to music television could be even more impactful. Brand exposure in a music video has the potential to far outreach what can be secured through a product placement in a film or TV show, with the additional benefit of international impact.

Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video featured an abundance of brand cameos, including Virgin Mobile, Wonder Bread, Miracle Whip, and online dating site, Plenty of Fish. While the blatant product placement was clearly poking fun at the rising trend, Plenty of Fish still reported a 15% increase in site searches stemming from the exposure.

Music videos offer one of the fastest turn-around times from script to screen in entertainment marketing. Partnering with a music video allows the brand to become seamlessly integrated into the music storyline. Many music videos interpret images and scenes from the song’s lyrics, while others take a more thematic approach.

Make sure the story is one that will provide brand lift versus negativity. Ensure there is an opportunity for organic integration. Just as with any entertainment partnership, consumers want relevancy.

Expanding Partnerships

There are many existing opportunities that can bring a brand’s music partnership to life outside of song lyrics and music videos. These opportunities include artist tour sponsorship, endorsement campaigns or providing fans access to behind-the-scenes footage of the artist.

Also, consider the artists’ social media reach. There is tremendous value in creating supporting marketing tactics that allows the artist to engage their fan base with the brand. Build an artist-driven sweepstakes that will further promote the partnership or provide music download codes as ‘gifts with purchase’ with your product or service.

Promotional music partnerships are terrific opportunities for brands that are at the ready – but very difficult for brands who need more time to evaluate and consider. To ensure the ability to move quickly when that right fit comes resounding over the airwaves, there are product placement agencies and industry experts with developed relationships who can come to your aid, determine the next valuable artist and develop the perfect brand integration while protecting your brand.

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