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Music- A universal medicine.

While scanning the local radio stations in my car, I have realized that music has both grown and transitioned. Now some still lack the imagination and originality but still have the ability to get stuck in our heads. I am bit of a music cynosure, so I love to listen to new and upcoming artist and there is nothing like finding new music to inspire and uplift you, for instance; "Let her go " by Passenger is a song that stays in your head and has beautiful lyrics, or "Timber" By Pillbull and Ke$ha, a song that makes you want to get up dance and sing along. Point is, music is universal, it spans across the oceans and pulls people in no matter the race, nationality or gender. You know the saying: a smile is the same in any language? I feel the same concept can be used for music.

Think back in the 20's and 30's when music was so lavish and passionate, how people were drawn to the big band jazz, the soulful sounds of blues, the stories behind the folk music or the beautiful melody of the piano. Music helped people find happiness in a "Great Depression". Artists opened up the minds of thousands and allowed them to be free of their burdens for a short while. Each generation had their stars, their true visionaries and the ones you just can't forget; The Beatles, The Monkey's, The Who, Michael Jackson, B.B. King, Pete Johnson, Elton John, AC/DC, Dolly Parton, Charlie Pride; the list could go on and on. To me there isn't a better feeling then finding a song that speaks directly to the situation that I am in then. It is as if you found the words from another to prove you are not alone, someone understands.

The other day I was listening to a local radio station D.J ask questions to callers, one of the questions was; "why this song, this artist?" The caller simply said; "It touched my soul and I felt my heart smile." Well we all know, you can't touch a soul and hearts do not smile, but you can relate to that statement can't you? Even knowing those things are absolutely impossible, you have that song, with those words that do the impossible. Music is everyone's medicine, and some are lucky enough to make that medicine for us to enjoy and others are lucky enough to find a medicine that touches our souls and makes our hearts smile.

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