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Mushrooms, the safe way

Some of my best friends like to look for mushrooms in the woods. I do that once a year when I am absolutely certain that I know what I am finding. Now, I have hiked along and seen what I believe to be chanticleer mushrooms that are sold for $12 a pint at the Farmer’s Market. Yet, am I 100% that those wild items are edible? No, not as if my life depended upon it. So, I am delighted to discover the mushroom man at Falls Church Farmer’s Market. (See the images)

Farmers Market, mushrooms, W&OD trail
Farmers Market, mushrooms, W&OD trail
James George
Mushroom man at Falls Church Farmer's Market
James George

I purchased a pint of chanterelle. Now, what?

Well, mushroom crepes could be on the way. They are easy to make: 3 eggs and a cup of flour. That’s for the crepes. Next, saute mushrooms, saving the juice. Make a white sauce with half and half or cream (Season with cayenne pepper or white pepper and salt). Add the mushrooms back and put the mixture inside the crepes. Place them in a casserole dish. Put extra sauce on top. Add cut up swiss cheese on top and warm in the oven until the cheese is melted.

If you like chicken, saute chicken and slice into small bites. Add that to the mushroom mixture and complete the process.

Now that you have eaten your crepes, it is time to hike it off. 3.5 miles should do it. Head out to your favorite trail and get moving.

In my dreams, I wonder how far I could hike on the W&OD trail?

There is a great website to help you plan a W&OD trail hike at this link:

“Established in 1991, the Friends of the Washington and Old Dominion Trail (or Railroad Regional Park) -- FOWOD for short -- is a citizen-driven organization dedicated to protecting and improving the W&OD Trail. It was re-established as an advisory body of the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority in 1997. The purpose of the FOWOD is to support and enhance the Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park (W&OD) as a recreational, environmental and historic resource through volunteer efforts in fund raising, promotion, educational programming and maintenance.”

The Crossfit people think that “WOD” is “workout of the day.”

On one hand, it is too bad that the Washington and Old Dominion Railroad went bankrupt as having a shortline serving Northern Virginia was a brilliant idea. Now, with the addition of the Silver Line to the DC Metro, it is as if we are putting it back.

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