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After playing their set in the triple digit Oklahoma heat, Kenny was kind enough to bring his mask with him and wear it during the interview. The influence for his mask is as crazy and cool as it looks, “this mask has been tweaked over the last six or seven years and with our current artist who does our sculpting, I told him I wanted a very much Voodoo/Witch doctor theme that was kind of creepy and poisonous, because you know the old saying, you knew I was a snake when you picked me up bitch!” With his ice blue eyes radiating out of his swamp green mask with dreds his laughter lightened it, while being serious at the same time. With over twenty years together as a band, what makes them who they are today? “The best thing I can say, it’s like Darwin, it’s Evolution and we started in a little pond and we crawled out and we breathing and we started growing arms and legs and now we are moving around the world literally doing the things we need to do and the evolution was needed to get the band where they are today. We are very much entertainers and performers and not worried about the individual musician shit. All the guys in Mushroomhead are badasses, but as a whole we are all very much entertainers.” Kenny takes on many different parts in the music process, he does all of the producing and some of the engineering, and we are very hands on with each other, not one person comes in and says here’s my idea for a song, you do this, you do that, everyone throws the kitchen sink at it and if it’s too much we edit it and if it’s not speaking to us or iffy, we get rid of it.” Mushroomhead self-produced their new album in their hometown, “It was a little bit of a blessing having our own studio, because you can do anything you want and it’s really only on the matter of the time limits, because you can keep on writing forever, but you have to have a deadline. So the deadlines speak for themselves, but the pressure was off, we got to sit there for ten hours a day playing and experimenting. We very experimental, going back to our old school roots of anything goes and if it’s not working it’s going to be very obvious.” As of right now they on hold for their four Russian dates in November. They were in Moscow in May and it went over great and they are currently talking with a different promoter to bring them back for another tour. “This time we will be touring by train, which is great, I’ve never toured by train before. The venues are 500-600 miles apart.” Breaking the language barrier when traveling overseas, “A lot of people know English and sometimes we hire a translator and hopefully you can trust them.” With followers from around the world, Mushroomhead is still humbled by the comments that fans make and love to talk with the fans who have there bands logo tattooed on them, “We are very blessed.” They would love to play with Slipknot and Stone Sour, “I think it would be cool.” Mushroomhead thanks everyone who came out to Mayhem 2014!