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Museum of Modern Tweets; where a picture is worth 140 characters or less.

Museum of Modern Tweets. Your favorite celebrity tweets illustrated.
Museum of Modern Tweets. Your favorite celebrity tweets illustrated.

Do you ever wonder the effect twitter is having on the way we communicate? Speaking in Tweets can sometimes be confusing and obtuse. But in the case of the Museum of Modern Tweets, the result is an entertaining look at what happens when you take the tweets of a weblebrity and illustrate them for the world to see. The Tweet Museum is the brain child of Odessa Begay  and Jordan Breindel, an illustrator/blogger team with a knack for bringing tweets to life. Take a romp through the museum and discover what celebrities are saying in full color RGB. Celebrity tweets include: CourtneyLover79, NeilDiamond, The_Real_Shaq, JimCarrey, lancearmstrong, kirstiealley, andersoncooper, sevennyne6126 (Lindsay Lohan), johncmayer, nickjonas, marthastewart, and RyanSeacrest. Especially jarring is the illustrated tweet from Anderson Cooper of CNN fame. It's eye candy meets your favorite celebrity tweets and it's updated every tuesday for your viewing pleasure.




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