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Museum Of Discovery And Science Summer Fun

See Journey to the South Pacific this summer at MODS
See Journey to the South Pacific this summer at MODS
Museum of Discovery and Science IMAX

Your summer is made in the shade at the Museum of Discovery and Science and AutoNation® IMAX 3D Theater in Fort Lauderdale. Whatever the weather, however hot it gets, your family can have fun all day long in their bevy of permanent displays, like the Eco-Discovery Center, Powerful You, and “Minerals Rock!” Whats more, check out this list of IMAX Films that you can see all summer long, and beyond:

Journey to the South Pacific 3D

Take a spectacular journey to West Papua, a remote tropical island where the sea life is amazing and so is life on land. Through this film, you’ll follow Jawi, a little boy who lives here, and he’ll introduce you to a world of sea creatures like whale sharks, sea turtles, manta rays and more. West Papua has the most diverse marine ecosystem on the planet and through Jawi’s eyes, your family will learn how to live a balanced life with the ocean. This film is directed by Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker Greg MacGillivray (The Living Sea, Dolphins, Everest) and Stephen Judson (Everest, The Alps. It will be showing through December 2014.

through December 31, 2014

This film is a true story about lemurs and their life on Madagascar. It’s narrated by Academy Award® winner Morgan Freeman. To see these creatures through the lens of the 3D camera will astonish you. Watch and learn the tale of these lemurs, who arrived millions of years ago and are now highly endangered. With scientist, Patricia Wright, in their corner, hopefully these adorable creatures can survive today’s world. It’s films like this that can also help their plight to survive. Watch, learn and spread the word.

In addition to the way cool IMAX movies, there is also a special exhibit on display through September 2nd, GOOSEBUMPS: The Science of Fear. This one is a favorite among the younger crowd. This exhibit was developed by the California Science Center allows kids to experience fear – in a safe environment. How will they react? What will happen? Will their knees shake? Will their hearts race? It’s all about reactions in this fear lab! Some of the exhibits your kids can experience are the Fear Lab, Fear Challenge Course, Fear Theater, Fear in the Wild and Faces of Emotion. Don’t be afraid, it’s all in good fun, but it might make the hair on your neck stand up once or twice…for science, of course.

The Museum of Discovery and Science is located at 401 SW Second Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312. For more information, call 954-467-6637 or 954-463-IMAX (4629).

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