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Museum of Contemporary Photography gallery lecture and opening reception, January 28th


©2002 Stepán Grygar, Street (Prague), Courtesy of the artist & MoCP

On Thursday, January 28th, you can attend a free gallery talk at the Museum of Contemporary Photography as they introduce their latest exhibit “50% Grey: Contemporary Czech Photography Reconsidered. Following the talk, the opening reception will be held from 5 pm to 7pm. Also on view, Recent Acquisitions of Czech Photography from The Baruch Foundation.

The “50% Grey” show includes works by Photographers Stepán Grygar, Jasansky?/Polák, Markéta Othová, Michal Pechoucek, and Jirí Thy?n.  From MoCP: Each Photographer explores and expresses themes such as the relationship between time and space in the process of perception, and the potential of photography to tell a story and constitute a language of fiction. Instead of creating brightly colored, large, splashy digital works that dominate much of contemporary photography, they make quieter works, generally gelatin silver prints using traditional chemistry and film, a trademark that extends the rich black and white photographic tradition of their country. However, this exhibition does not argue that these artists are primarily influenced by their  nationality; rather, it is intended only partly to consider how the pallor of historical circumstance, in this case a stereotypically “grey” post-communist society, might impact artistic productias how a nationalist label affects an artist and an exhibition in a more general sense.  

In conjunction with the Contemporary Czech Photography exhibition, the Museum of Contemporary Photography will highlight works from the Baruch Collection which were gifted to the museum in 2009. Anne and Jacques Baruch began collecting work by Czech artists in 1968 during a visit to Prague and ended up becoming a window and a voice for the artists following Soviet occupation beginning the same year. The exhibition includes works by Vaclav Chochola, Frantis-ek Drtikol, Josef Ehm, Jaromir Funke, Emila Medkova, Jaroslav Rössler, Jan Saudek, Adolf Schneeberger, and Josef Sudek .

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