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Museum exhibits cow and calf cut in half

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Patrons of a relatively unusual exhibit stopped and stared at what appears to be a cow cut exactly in half and placed in two separate tanks you can walk between.
The exhibit known as "Mother and Child Divided", a cow and calf cut in half and exhibited in formaldehyde solution has come to the Henry Moore Foundation in Much Hadham, England.
The artwork is by Damien Hirst and is part of the collection Body & Void: Echoes of Moore in Contemporary Art.
This is the first time this exhibit has been shown at The Henry Moore Foundation, where Moore worked and lived until he died in 1986.
The exhibit had previously been shown at Astrup Fearnley Museet in Moderne Kunst, Oslo, Norway and the Tate Gallery in London, U.K.
Hirst won the Turner Prize competition in 1995 with the piece at the focal point of a group exhibition.
“In a way, you understand more about living people by dealing with dead people," said Hirst of the piece. "It’s sad but you feel more ... my cows cut up in formaldehyde have more personality than any cows walking about in fields.”
The tragedy is that cows are amongst “the most slaughtered animals ever”, used here to demonstrate, “an emotional thing which you are dealing with in a very brutal, unemotional way.”
The title of the exhibit is to show the violence shown to cows, them being the most slaughtered animals.

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