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Museo Italo Americano Presents Natural Expressions

The next exhibition to open at the Museo Italo Americano at San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center, takes on expressionism from three artists.

Titled Natural Expressions, the exhibition features the works of artists Alberto Cristini, Vincent Galassi and John Malveto, and ranging in various mediums from watercolor, to photography, to stain painting. All three featured artists have given their artist statements on the museum’s website at

First up is Alberto Cristini, who grew up near Venice, Italy and had begun working with ink, watercolors and bronze sculpture in the 1980s. His series “Bodies in Motion” focuses on an upward projection of bodies, while defying the heaviness of the matter. His recent project is titled “Fusion”, where he adds texture and color to photographs printed on canvas, and where three will be displayed in the exhibition, along with watercolor and acrylic paintings and bronze sculptures. The work Tramonto (Sunset) can be previewed on the museum’s website.

Next is Vincent Galassi, who expertise is photography. Most of his works is mostly considered different types of abstract and still life, but also works in a series of mini-projects, where each of them contain a body of work comprising around ten images or more. This is where he sees a connection and continuity within the work, and where some projects continue and expand over periods of years. A sample of this can be seen in the work Sunflower Study #4.

Finally, there is John Malveto. He does stain painting, which is a development of new concepts where multiply stages of poured and brushed acrylic paint to numerous sheets of glass. The technique is called “abstract illusionist pour painting”, where selected fantast-oriented images and layered positive and negative forms create a visually energetic surface. Sample of Malveto's art can be seen in the work Front Entrance.

Natural Expressions is on view until November 27th.

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