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Muse Wear Flip Flops: Zodiac

See also offers some of the neatest and most original of it's kind. 100% original designs are created out of eco-friendly materials. These are premium quality.

Every birth sign of the year is available from four different colors: red, blue, green and black.

What makes the company special:

They have created a recycle program for the flip flops! When you're done with the pair of flip flops, you simply just ship them back. They ship them off to an organization that then turns them back into raw materials. These are then turned into remarkable works of art by craftsmen.

What they offer: offers some of the best flip flops with inspiration as well as the zodiac signs. The inspirations come from people like Bob Marley, C.S. Lewis and Buddha. These are considered as "Walk the Talk". You have also another choice, wit flips. These are some really witty sayings by Oscar Wilde and Ella Fitzgerald.

Each flip flop is created with originality in thought while being created.

What these are great for:

These are great for more than just summer! You can use these for wedding gifts as a whole. They are great for brides, grooms and wedding parties. Everyone gets a neat gift for being there and being a part of the fun.

Another great things these are good for is for the college students that are heading off for a new journey. As gifts, they have something that is neat and can be different while in dorms.

One of the best things for giving these as gifts is that they get something different, original and unique at the same time. You'll know that your gift will not be matched or the same as someone else's.

Great deals:

Shipping on all orders delivered anywhere in the United States is just FREE. This includes Alaska and HI. 15% is then donated for a great cause! Best Friends Animal Society, The Nature Conservancy and Amnesty International are the three organizations that they donate to.



I received a free pair of these from for my honest thoughts and review. All thoughts are my own and no other's. No other compensation has been given, nor is intended. This review is in the guidelines for the FTC.


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