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Muse Gallery amuses with Granfalloon: Any color as long as it's green


Photo courtesy of Muse Gallery

Fashion an art show? Now through June 26th, the Muse Gallery (356 Main Street, Longmont, CO) is hosting the fashion photographs of Jörg Bivendørf, one of Svalbard’s most gifted designers in his new show,Granfalloon: Any color as long as it’s green.”

“Bringing fashion to life is a core element of accurate living,” says Bivendørf. Bivendørf’s photographs feature top male model Benjamin Swanson, with whom Bivendørf works exclusively.

Have you ever heard of Jörg Bivendørf? Who is Jörg Bivendørf ?  Muse Gallery informs us that Bivendørf hails from the remote fashion world of Svalbard, home to the Global Seed Vault. Just as Svalbard is the Mecca for seeds of the world, Bivendørf plants the fashion seeds of individuality and self expression. Also, just as the purpose of the “Doomsday” seed bank is to prevent the annihilation of agricultural diversity, Bivendørf reminds us, "Jörg too is here to prevent the extinction of Garment Diversity.” Bivendørf selected Longmont as the backdrop for his 2010 fashion repertoire. Other top considerations were Miami, Detroit, and Niwot.

The fun is Jörg Bivendørf.  The reality, Jörg Bivendørf is the artist expression of two Longmont artists, Angela Beloian and Adam Walker.  These artists have definitely found their inner "Weird Al" or perhaps their Sacha Baron Cohen.

Jörg Bivendørf,
whose name is spelled for aesthetic reasons without regard for any language, was created in response to the New York Times Style magazine.

"The photographs depict Walker in the role of similarly fictional male-model Benjamin Swanson in ensembles, settings and poses which invoke and parody the tropes of fashion advertisements," says Beloian. "During an economic period of housing foreclosures and bank bailouts, the advertisements in the New York Times magazine are jarringly out of touch with Middle America. The use of salvaged clothing and deliberately plebian settings highlights this disparity. Jörg Bivendørf is a reminder that we are unique in our own right and the marketing of consumer identity is both absurd and potentially damaging."

The title of the show, Granfalloon is taken from Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle. According to Vonnegut, a “granfalloon” is a group of individuals who “outwardly choose or claim to have shared identity or purpose but whose association is actually meaningless.”

James Scarborough, Los Angeles art critic has this to say about Jörg Bivendørf:

"Not only are the works funny, they are profound.  With great tongue-in-cheek incision they address issues of self-conscious, trendy fashion and the fabrication of identity."

So if you fashion yourself an arts lover, fashion lover, or simply want to fashion yourself a giggle, you will not want to miss out on the fun.

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